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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stay salon safe

Be on the lookout for these health hazards at your next pro pedicure appointment.

Bare walls. If you don't see a state license displayed, the nail technicians may not be properly trained, says Paul Betschart, D.P.M., a podiatrist in New York City. Ask if they're certified. If they can't show you a license, head to another salon.

Whirlpools. Because they're difficult to clean, whirlpools are a breeding ground for bacteria. "Buy a small jar of whirlpool sanitizing solution at a medical supply store and bring it with you," Dr. Betschart says. "Three drops in the water will eliminate most germs."

Cuticle clippers. The tough skin around your toenail keeps out germs, preventing infection, and shoul dnever be removed with cutters. Ask your manicurist to gently push cuticles back instead.

Pumice stones. These porous stones are germ carriers. Purchase your ow nand take them to the salon. Sanitize the stone after each use by cleaning them with soap and water and soaking them overnight in rubbing alcohol.

From Fitness magazine, June 2010

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