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Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday calorie countdown: Save 1,000 calories

The typical American gobbles down a whopping 3,000 calories at a holiday feast. While you can't work that off—it would require walking about 30 miles—you can make a few small changes to cut out 1,000 calories from your meal.

Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey Drumstick Leg On Paper Plate free creative commons
  • Volunteer to make the mashed sweet potatoes and season them with cinnamon or ginger instead of topping with butter and marshmallows. Saves 120 calories.
  • Try not to take a huge helping of turkey (or ham)—4 ounces (the size of a deck of cards) is enough. Dark meat lovers should swap some for white meat. And if you must have a piece with skin, have just one. Saves 250 calories.
  • Pass on the roll basket (and get extra credit for that pat of butter you won't be eating). Saves 190 calories.
  • Healthy holiday tip: Prepare in Advance—On days you know you'll be having a big meal, eat a light breakfast like fresh fruit and whole-grain toast.
  • Instead of smothering your plate with gravy, stick to about 3 tablespoons. Saves 110 calories.
  • Cut the sugar in yoru favorite cake recipe by a third. You won't even taste the difference. Saves 80 calories.
  • Fill up beforehand by drinking a big glass of water—studies show you'll eat less. Saves 75 calories.
  • Enjoy the pie, but forget the crust—that's where most of the calories comes from. Saves 175 calories.
  • Healthy holiday tip: Bounce back—Three to five servings of broccoli, kale or arugula the day after a big meal helps flush out toxins from meats and processed foods.
Article from Family Circle, December 2010

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