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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Yourself from Procrastination!

Gretchen Rubin, a columnist from Good Housekeeping Magazine, gives us 10 ways to help us power through procrastination and stress-less!

  1. Instead of continuing to dread the task and telling yourself to do it later, commit to it the next morning. Don’t think about it and just do it the moment you get out of bed!
  2. Preparing for the task enables you to proceed to it. For example, if you have to cook, prepare the proper ingredients and tools the day before. Once you see that the materials are all laid out, you’ll be more likely to finish the task!
  3. Have company while attending to your task. Studies show that having a companion makes any activity more enjoyable!
  4. Add pleasantness to your activity! For example, if you have to go for a run, bring your son and have him ride his bike next to you. If you have to vacuum, turn on your favorite music!
  5. Make your task a regular task! Once it’s inhabited in your life, you will least likely dread it.
  6. If your task is a long one with many things to do, you can take baby steps and do little by little.
  7. Ask for help!
  8. Avoid interruption by making enough time for your task so you can prevent stopping and having to start all over again.
  9. Always make time for the fun tasks! If you have a hobby that you keep holding off, make time for them! Book your hobby and don’t cancel on yourself!
  10. Remember that finishing a hard task is always rewarding. Tell yourself that when you begin!
Reference: April 2011 Issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.

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