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Sunday, December 30, 2012


         Does a mother's schooling have an effect on her child's health? Public health researchers have been asking this question for many years. Researchers have always been skeptical by the idea that a mother's level of literacy and cognitive learning could directly affect her children's mortality. They neglected this idea because schools in under developed countries are unable to teach proper literacy skills due to a lack of qualified teachers and tools. They are more geared to believing instead that education, despite what they learn, influenced their attitude and behavior to empower themselves and their children. However, to test his hypothesis, Professor Emeritus Robert Levine and his colleagues interviewed mothers in Mexico, Zambia, Venezuela, and Nepal to see if a mother's level of literacy is a variable that effects her children's health. Questions include education and economic background, level of education of family members, knowledge in reproductive health, and knowledge in child development. In addition, assessment tests in language, reading, and science were also given. To their surprise, Levine and his team  found that despite the level of literacy and quality of school a mother had, the skills she retained allowed her to better understand public health information, and connect with healthcare providers, thus improving overall care of her child. For more in depth information on Levine's research, please visit the link below!

Cheers to education and healthy children! 


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