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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Advantage of Having a Consistent Bedtime

Boy! Time sure does fly! We can't believe it's already the start of August. We hope everyone has been  enjoying their summer, but also looking forward to the new school year! Speaking of which, we found a new tip to help everyone kick off their school year right!

Did you know that it is extremely important for children to have a consistent bedtime? A recent study at University College London suggests that in order for children to prevent cognitive impairments during development, it is very important for them to have a consistent bedtime every single night. Children who have irregular bedtimes perform poorly on cognitive tests compared to those who sleep sufficiently at the same time every night. Having a consistent bedtime at a young age nourishes brain plasticity which is critical for brain development. Irregular bedtime disrupts circadian rhythms--the body's internal clock. It becomes detrimental to children's cognitive abilities when their circadian rhythm is not in sync with their brains.

Don't be late to bed tonight! ;) 


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    1. Thank you Jannah for the comment. We hope you continue enjoying our entries! :)