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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Math = Love

It's truly a rare ordeal to encounter the words "math" and "love" together. In our current generation, math is synchronous with "boring" and "difficult". Children in grade school usually cringe at the thought of arithmetic assignments and not many high school students consider majoring in mathematics in college. Despite its unpopularity, math is inevitably important to our every day lives. From creating formulas for our medications to making the correct recipes for our favorite cake; math is everywhere and we use it every day. To make sure we don't take it for granted, Edward Frankel, a mathematician at Harvard University and UC Berkeley has spent a lot of his time and effort to encourage our generation to appreciate and love math more. He believes that because math is currently taught in such an uninteresting manner, people tend to shy away from the subject and associate it with a negative connotation. In order to gain more popularity for the subject, Mr. Frankel has been teaching his lectures non-traditionally filled with charisma and excitement. His lectures are so popular that they are viewed on YouTube by many. He hopes to give math a new image among people who once thought it was difficult and boring stating that, "Mathematics will be king in this brave new world". Check out his film, "The Rites of Love and Math," to see if he could change your mind about mathematics!

We hope everyone enjoyed coming back to school! Comment below and tell us what your favorite subjects are!

Source: Wall Street Journal, August 24-25th, 2013

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