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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Keeping New Year's resolution can be made easier.
         "Goal factoring" can help you keep your resolution. It is a method of designing better plans. According to the experts, being more logical and rationalizing your emotions is the key to keeping yourself on track. For example, if one of your goal is to getting in shape this year and you are considering getting a gym membership, factoring out reasons to motivate you (such as health, stress relief, weight loss) will help you decide if you are ready for the commitment. (Wall Street Journal 12/31/13)

Here are some smartphone apps that can help you stay on track with your daily tasks and to achieving your goals:
1. - Also known as The Life Coach, lets you set up and prioritize tasks to do each day and ensures you nothing gets forgotten.
2. Carrot To-Do - A productivity tool that is much like a game. For every task you complete every time, you score points that unlocks new features in the app.
3. Asana - This app is about collaboration, allowing your friends or family, to share information and updates when it comes to big projects such as planning a birthday party or a holiday get-together.
4. Wunderlist - This app lets you add notes, sub-tasks and reminders.

Good luck with your resolutions for 2014!

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