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Friday, February 28, 2014

Keeping your teeth clean with technology

We are in a time when technology is evolving faster than ever. Every year, all the major tech companies come out with new cell phones, laptops, softwares, games, apps, etc. We already have smart phones, smart TVs, and smart cars and this year, we will have... smart toothbrush.

Procter & Gamble's Oral-B brand will be launching their first smart toothbrush with Bluetooth 4.0 in June. The results of your teeth cleaning sessions will be shared with your dentist and your friends through an app on your smart phone. It will be around $300, which is a little much for a toothbrush. To compete with P&G, Kolibree, a French-based company, also introduced their own smart toothbrush but won't be available for a while. The good news is Kolibree smart toothbrush is priced at $99 and $199 depends on the version.

Are we ready for the new smart toothbrushes? Well, we will see in June.

(Kolibree, CNN)

Monday, February 24, 2014

The fate of your flight depends on...

People are traveling more and more for vacations and business trips alike. Everyone wants to get to their destinations quickly and safe. However, cancellations are happening more often and people are wondering what factors really determine the fate of their flights. 

Well, weather is an inevitable factor. Heavy snow and winter storms are your flights' worst enemies. In the month of January, 2014, there were almost 40,000 flights that got cancelled. That is four times as much as in January of the previous years. Beside the weather factor, each airline also has its own program to determine the fate of each flight. They try their best to keep the airline's schedule as a whole and to avoid real-time cancellations. The airport also plays a role in deciding the tendency of cancellations. The following is the top ten airports with the most cancellations in 2013:
1. Chicago O'Hare
2. Dallas - Fort Worth
3. Newark Liberty
4. San Francisco
5. LaGuardia
6. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
7. Denver
8. Los Angeles
9. Detroit
10. JFK

So now that you know, try to avoid the locations that have bad weather and have a plan B in case your flight gets cancelled or delayed. 

(Time, 3/2014)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Prevent credit card fraud with EMV technology

It was not long ago that Target and Neiman Marcus were hacked. Information stolen included names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Credit cards theft has become a big issue after the two incidents. Most people blame it on the traditional magstripe technology. Lots of businesses and banks are trying to adopt a new technology called EMV to prevent and limit fraudulent use of credit cards. EMV technology is not entirely new but due to the fact that it is costly to replace all existing cards and terminals, merchants, networks and banks in the US has been reluctant in updating to the newer and more secured technology.

So what is EMV?
EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, Visa and also known as Chip-and-Pin or Chip-and-Signature. In short, EMV uses a chip and a customed PIN to authorize every transaction. If an incorrect PIN is entered, the transaction will be rejected on the spot. You can view this comprehensive list of EMV credit cards to see if you are currently protected or if you need to act quickly to prevent any hassle from credit card fraud.

(TIME 2/10/2014)

Friday, February 14, 2014

How tongue piercing and splitting impacts your oral health

Tongue piercing is something that has been around for ages. The Aztecs and Mayans of Central America and Haida, Kwakitul and Tlinglit tribes of the Pacific Northwest considered tongue piercing to be a form of self-sacrifice. The Epi-olmec (the Olmec) tribes from India and Thailand also practiced tongue piercing for religious reasons.

Today, our society does not view tongue piercing and even splitting as a ritual and religious practice. There are more information available now regarding tongue piercing and splitting on the internet. However, due to lack of knowledge and research, many people still encounter infection and other oral health problems.

One way to prevent infection from happening is to get your tongue pierced by an experienced and reputable piercer. Make sure that you are in a sterile environment and follow the aftercare instructions strictly to aid the healing process. Also, check to see if you are allergic to the materials of the jewelry.

Even though tongue splitting isn't usually done by a piercer and is typically a self-done procedure, you still must research and strictly follow the aftercare instructions. The following lists some aftercare recommendations and tips for those that look into or currently having tongue modifications:
- Rinse mouth with either alcohol-free antimicrobial mouth rinse, sterile saline solution and/or purified water for 30-60 seconds after meals and at bedtime, 4-5 times daily for the first month of healing
- Cleaning the modified site too often can also irritate the area
- Keep your jewelry clean and in good repair
- Gently brush debris from the jewelry post with a toothbrush on a regular basis

(Parkell Today, 2/2014)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kissing and your health

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. It's inevitable that everyone is busy getting gifts for their loved ones. Even so, don't forget to take care of your dental hygiene for the best kiss this friday! Remember to brush your teeth and tongue twice a day, drink lots of water and eat yogurt for sweeter breath.

Also, keep your mouth clean can help prevent virus transmissions through kissing. Sounds scary but it's not all that bad. In a clean and healthy mouth, the saliva contains substances that fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. Deep kissing increases the flow of saliva to help keeping the mouth healthy. The exchange of saliva when kissing also stimulates your immune system.

Now you know it! Kissing isn't simply being intimate with your partner anymore. It also helps your oral health and immune system. Keep them teeth clean and have a sweet Valentine's Day!!

(Aroos Magazine & Dental Town)

Another shot at your dream

Shaun White, two-time Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding, struggled through school due to his travel schedule. It was difficult for him to keep up with school so he asked for help. He was told by the school that his sport was not "legitimate."

At the time, he was making a lot of money. He got himself a house in a new school district that acknowledged the sport. He later won Gold medals at the 2006 and 2010 Olympic Games.

He again made the Olympic team for 2014. Shaun White is a perfect example for everyone to know that they should not abandon their dream and passion simply because someone said they can't do it. Keep doing what you love, put your heart and mind to it and nothing can be in your way.

(Vogue, 2/2014)