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Monday, February 24, 2014

The fate of your flight depends on...

People are traveling more and more for vacations and business trips alike. Everyone wants to get to their destinations quickly and safe. However, cancellations are happening more often and people are wondering what factors really determine the fate of their flights. 

Well, weather is an inevitable factor. Heavy snow and winter storms are your flights' worst enemies. In the month of January, 2014, there were almost 40,000 flights that got cancelled. That is four times as much as in January of the previous years. Beside the weather factor, each airline also has its own program to determine the fate of each flight. They try their best to keep the airline's schedule as a whole and to avoid real-time cancellations. The airport also plays a role in deciding the tendency of cancellations. The following is the top ten airports with the most cancellations in 2013:
1. Chicago O'Hare
2. Dallas - Fort Worth
3. Newark Liberty
4. San Francisco
5. LaGuardia
6. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
7. Denver
8. Los Angeles
9. Detroit
10. JFK

So now that you know, try to avoid the locations that have bad weather and have a plan B in case your flight gets cancelled or delayed. 

(Time, 3/2014)

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