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Friday, May 30, 2014

The Importance of Dental Check-ups

There are several reasons why dentists recommend you take your children to a checkup every six months. Here is one more…

New research shows that certain types of tooth decay do run in families. It appears that young children actually contract Mutans streptococci from their mothers. The presence of this type of bacteria puts a child at high risk for dental decay. According to the research, new babies are born without the bacteria in their mouths, but children whose mothers exhibited untreated decay eventually developed cavities themselves. It is very common for mothers and children to share the same bacteria because of shared food and utensils. (Note to parents: do NOT feed your children using the utensils contaminated with your own saliva). Dentists can easily test for the culprits known to cause decay. This evidence makes it clear that since dental decay is a family affair, preventing decay, which includes good home care practice and regular dental treatment, should involve the whole family as well.

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