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Friday, August 22, 2014

Back-to-School Lunch Box Ideas

Summer is almost over. If you are a parent of a school-age kid, you probably get used to packing lunch for your kid every day. However, most kids are tired of eating the same lunch bag at school. So why don't give your kid these following cute lunch boxes and bags for this new school-year. Remember four key elements when choosing foods for your kid, according to
  • More whole foods and less processed foods. Include in your lunch box those foods with higher dietary fiber and nutrients (calcium, protein, and vitamin). Also, avoid processed foods (such as cookies, snacks, and chips), which have high amount of sodium, added sugar, and saturated fat)
  • Be creative. Think outside of a lunch box. A creative lunch box can be more flavorful to your kid. 
  • Keep it cold. For  For safety's sake, pack lunch with a reusable ice pack. Better yet, freeze a small water bottle or box of 100% juice. Your child will have a slushy drink to enjoy at lunch and won't have to worry about bringing an ice pack home.
  • Keep it fun. Include items that kids can stack or mix up to their taste when they eat. Remember that kids like to dunk, and include healthy dips with vegetables or other items. Cut foods into fun shapes with cookie cutters.
"Mark Northeast just wanted to make his son smile. That simple idea led to a kids' cookbook and catering business.'It's been an amazing journey.'"

"Beau Coffron's daughter opens her lunch box every day to find hand-carved treats (like this tiger made of cheese!) and a sweet note from Dad. 'This has really helped bring us closer together,' he said."

"David Laferriere first tried to decorate bread with food coloring.'The results were terrible," says the father of two.'So I figured I'd try drawing on the sandwich bag.' Six years later, his Flickr is filled with more than 2,000 images."

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Courtesy People Magazine, 08/11/2014

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